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  • Spotlight: Douglas Manzone

    Posted Sep 16th 6:50pm by Melissa Daigneault
    Douglas Manzone is 15 years old and is from Florida. He attends the providence extension program and is in 10th grade. He got involved with Souper Bowl of Caring through church and his brother, Robert Manzone, who also served on the National Youth Advisory Board.
  • Spotlight: Meet Ryan James

    Posted Sep 16th 6:38pm by Melissa Daigneault
    Ryan James is a 16-year-old Utah native going into his junior year at West High School. He got involved with Souper Bowl of Caring through the St. James Episcopal Church in Midvale, Utah.
  • Spotlight: Meet Christine Huang

    Posted Sep 16th 6:26pm by Melissa Daigneault
    Christine Huang is a 16-year-old junior at Carnegie Vanguard High School. Christine got involved in Souper Bowl of Caring in 2012 through her local Mayor's Youth Council. She also served on the 2013-2014 Houston Local Youth Advisory Board.
  • Spotlight: Meet Brianna Houston

    Posted Sep 16th 6:13pm by Melissa Daigneault
    Brianna Houston is a 17-year-old senior from Dallas, TX, where she attends the Greenhill School. She got involved with Souper Bowl of Caring through her school last year and served on the North Texas Local Youth Advisory Board.
  • Spotlight: Meet Caitlynn Godwin

    Posted Sep 16th 6:04pm by Melissa Daigneault
    Caitlynn Godwin lives in Lewisville, TX and is 15 years old. She is a sophomore at Lewisville High School and plays on the softball team. Caitlynn got involved with Souper Bowl of Caring through Aldersgate UMC Youth Group. They have been an active participant since 1998.
  • Spotlight: Meet Mark Donohue

    Posted Sep 16th 5:34pm by Melissa Daigneault
    Mark Donohue is 16 years old and an 11th grade student at Westchester East High School. He first heard of the Souper Bowl of Caring about a year ago. It opened his eyes to hunger and poverty in this country.
  • Spotlight: Meet Owen Brown

    Posted Sep 16th 5:11pm by Melissa Daigneault
    Owen Brown is a spunky, outspoken and outgoing 16-year-old from Jackson, Miss. Owen attends Jim Hill High School and Pearl Street AME Church. He owes his success with the Souper Bowl of Caring to his church youth group.
  • Spotlight: Meet Kat Blanchard

    Posted Sep 15th 3:03pm by Melissa Daigneault
    Kathryn Blanchard, a Junior at Ryle High School in Walton, Ky., is passionate and enthusiastic about serving. From swimming for her school and the local YMCA, to volunteering at the VA to sewing quilts with her church, Kat keeps herself busy, but finds joy in it all.
  • Spotlight: Meet Molly Bauer

    Posted Sep 15th 2:17pm by Melissa Daigneault
    Molly Bauer is a 17-year-old senior who attends Springfield Township High School in Springfield, Penn. Molly has been an active participant of Souper Bowl of Caring through her church. So when she learned about the National Youth Advisory Board, she knew she had to apply.
  • Announcing Our 2014-2015 National Youth Advisory Board

    Posted Sep 12th 5:09pm by Melissa Daigneault
    We are excited to announce we have selected 14 high school students from across the United States to join our National Youth Advisory Board. These students are high school sophomores, juniors and seniors who make a yearlong commitment to fight hunger and poverty in our nation. They will act as ambassadors for the Souper Bowl of Caring in their communities and help us generate new ideas for tackling hunger. Read more...