First Presbyterian Church of Marysville

2013 Souper Bowl of Caring

On Super Bowl Sunday, our youth were out bright and early collecting non-perishable foods and money. Souper Bowl of Caring helps feed the hungry here in our area. We raised $232 which will be used for R.E.S.T. Regional Emergency Shelter Team which helps the homeless women and families with children in the Yuba-Sutter area. Also, 76 food items went into our food closet, which helps the local community around the Marysville area. Thank you to all who donated and participated in this years 2013 Souper Bowl...

Souper Bowl of Caring-First Presbyterian Church of Marysville and First Presbyterian Church of Marysville

Posted: Feb 14th 2013

Savannah United Methodist Church


So, when the youth of Savannah UMC decided to do the Souper Bowl of Caring they were working on decorating the boxes for San Francisco and Baltimore. Someone came up with the idea of having a third box...the Box of Hopes & Dreams for Superbowl 48 (aka a Steelers' box). When the totals came in for the cans at the end of three Sundays of contributions, neither San Francisco nor Baltimore won. Pittsburgh did!! We have some serious Steeler fans in our congregation!!!

Savannah United Methodist Church's 2013 Collection and Savannah United Methodist Church

Posted: Feb 14th 2013

Our Savior's Lutheran Church Youth

Pass the Kettle

The OSL Youth passed the Soup Kettle prior to the church's annual meeting. As always, the congregation is very supportive and came through again this year. We appreciate their willingness to support the youth as they work to draw attention to those who go hungry each day.

Our Savior's Lutheran Church Youth 's 2013 Collection and Our Savior's Lutheran Church Youth

Posted: Feb 13th 2013

Bethel African Methodist Espiscopal Church, Young People Department (YPD)

Bethel AME YPD Go Beyond The Game

This year, 2013, as a part of their mission, the YPD of Bethel AME San Francisco has decided to continue supporting the children of Swaziland.
Chanita Foster, wife of NFL vet George Foster is the founder of Beyond The Game, for more information on this organization go to To date she has built a school, an orphanage and the next challenge is building a water well. Even though they supply meals twice a day they lack fresh clean water. They have to walk over a mile to a dirt...

Bethel African Methodist Espiscopal Church's 2013 Collection and Bethel African Methodist Espiscopal Church, Young People Department (YPD)

Posted: Feb 13th 2013

Signal Hill Lutheran Church

Congregational "Soup"er Bowl Kick Off

Our small congregation is mostly made up of senior or "mature" members and a small number of youth. However, our whole church is very generous. We put a display table up in our Fellowship Hall that looks like a football field. We put up the logos of the teams that are in the playoffs and encourage our members to put their donations on the side of the table that they think will move ahead to the Super Bowl. The logos of the teams that have been eliminated are taken off each week. This is our own little...

Signal Hill Lutheran Church and Signal Hill Lutheran Church

Posted: Feb 13th 2013

St. Rita in the Desert Youth Groups

The St. Rita's Youth, Souper Bowl of Caring Event

This has become a parish wide event. On Friday 2/1/13 52 kids 1st-12th grade made 1,618 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the Casa Maria Soup Kitchen i Tucson, then 18 of our 6th-12th graders took those sandwiches to Casa Maria. Then Saturday afternoon was the start of our all night sleep out. The 45 6th-12th graders are homeless for a night. They go to our St. Vincent de Paul Society food pantry and are given a canned vegetable or some rice or pasta to bring to our community soup. They do a walk...

St. Rita in the Desert Youth Groups's 2013 Collection and St. Rita in the Desert Youth Groups

Posted: Feb 12th 2013

First Presbyterian Church Grand Prairie

Our Future, Our Kids from Grand Prairie, TX. Thanks for all you do!

Thanks to the wonderful youth, we have at First Presbyterian Church in Grand Prairie, TX. We collected $95.00 and 102 cans of food. The youth donated the food and money to the Food and Clothing Co-op of Grand Prairie, TX. to help feed the hungry.

First Presbyterian Church Grand Prairie's 2013 Collection and First Presbyterian Church Grand Prairie

Posted: Feb 11th 2013

Resurrection Lutheran

We haven't stopped yet

The Ravens from nearby Baltimore won the Super Bowl and the Souper Bowl, but the real winner was Thurman Brisben Center, which helps homeless persons by providing shelter, job placement, and more. We're still collecting other items needed by the shelter.

Resurrection Lutheran Church's 2013 Collection and Resurrection Lutheran

Posted: Feb 11th 2013

Avondale United Methodist Church

The final score at Avondale United Methodist Church was ...

San Francisco 49'ers had 184 points (153 items + $40 + 1 fridge)
+ Baltimore Ravens had 173 points (136 items + $37) =
Avondale UMC Food Pantry received 289 food items, $87 and 1 new fridge

Avondale United Methodist Church's 2013 Collection and Avondale United Methodist Church

Posted: Feb 11th 2013

Lutheran Church of Martha & Mary

February is "Food Pantry Month"

Souper Bowl Sunday kicks-off an entire month of our congregation collecting food for the Elk Grove Township Food Pantry. We begin on the first Sunday of the month (Souper Bowl Sunday) by collecting canned or boxed soups and crackers.

On the second Sunday in February we call it "Breakfast is a Blessing" by collecting breakfast items such as granola bars, cereal, cereal bars, fruit snacks and oatmeal.

The third Sunday in February "PBJ with TLC" by collecting peanut butter ane jelly.


Lutheran Church of Martha & Mary's 2013 Collection and Lutheran Church of Martha & Mary

Posted: Feb 11th 2013

Calvary United Methodist CHurch - Cub Scout Pack 116

Calvary Cafe, Milford, DE

Calvary Cafe was started in September of 2001. Originally, it did lunch on Saturdays twice a month. Soon after that the founder, Linda Grabowski, realized that people are hungry every week. After many changes in leadership, Calvary Cafe, went back to serving meals twice a month in January of 2010. In January of 2012 with the help of the members of Freedom Worship Center we were able to add another Saturday of meals. Under the umbrella of Calvary Cafe, we do a "School Supply Giveaway" in August to any...

Calvary United Methodist CHurch - Cub Scout Pack 116's 2013 Collection for Calvary Cafe, Calvary United Methodist CHurch - Cub Scout Pack 116 and Calvary Cafe

Posted: Feb 11th 2013

Church of the New Covenant

Souper Bowl Sunday 2013 and Chili Cook-Off

We decided to add our annual Chili Cook-Off (usually held in May timeframe) to Souper Bowl Sunday this year. The Chili Cook-Off was tremendously successful and everyone brought their soup and food cans to church.

Church of the New Covenant and Church of the New Covenant

Posted: Feb 10th 2013

Associated Churches

Local News Coverage

Sadly, for some reason, Associated Churches Neighborhood Food Network isn't mentioned directly, but many collect for our 28 pantries. Also, sadly, I realize many of our collecting groups probably don't report to you.

The good news is that the hungry are being fed!

Associated Churches

Posted: Feb 8th 2013

Community Congregational Church, UCC

Historic Year

2013 was a historic year for Community Congregational UCC and SOUPer Bowl because in one week alone, the congregation raised over 760 in food and money donations. This has been the most donations ever for a single week in the three years this church has participated in SOUPer Bowl. And to top that, the congregation beat the goal of 2,013 and ended with a grand total of 2,703 in donations. All money donations went to Outreach House in Lombard, IL and all food donations went to the Lombard Food Pantry, also...

Community Congregational Church, UCC and Community Congregational Church, UCC

Posted: Feb 8th 2013

GFWC Sunshine Juniorettes

"Souper Bowl of Caring" Soup Dinner

On Sunday, January 27th, the GFWC Sunshine Junorettes held a soup dinner and all the proceeds went to a local food bank. The Juniorettes are a group of middle and high-school girls that do community service projects. They are sponsored by the General Federation of Woman's Clubs (GFWC), an international organization with clubs for women and juniorette clubs for 12-18 year old girls. This is the 2nd year the Sunshine Juniorettes have held this event for the sharing center in Cocoa, Florida....

GFWC Sunshine Juniorettes's 2013 Soup Supper and GFWC Sunshine Juniorettes

Posted: Feb 8th 2013


Teresa McCrory, Youth Teacher at Ethel Baptist

This year was the best ever year for us. We did not really set a goal, just wanted to do better than last year. Well we did a lot of praying and I can truly say that God worked through us to make this a spectacular year, We had 200 food items last year and this year we had 783 food items. God was truly involved in this event with us. So many came forth to help us. Ethel Baptist collected 518 food items. Wilson First Baptist and Providence One Baptist collected 99 food items. Slaughter Methodist...


Posted: Feb 7th 2013

Upper Milford Mennonite Church

Getting Closer to our dream...

Every year since the day i found out about the Souper Bowl of Caring I have had this image in my head on how i would like to complete it and help end world hunger. I then went away to school for 4 years and my visions got put on hold but each year the youth group would amaze me and bring to gather something that would be out of the park. I feel that each year I get closer and closer to that vision but haven't gotten the "one" so to say just yet. This I was blessed to have graduated from college and be...

Upper Milford Mennonite Church and Upper Milford Mennonite Church

Posted: Feb 7th 2013

Forest Presbyterian Church FYRE Youth Group

Souper Bowl Team Competition

In our church, we pit the fans of the Super Bowl teams against one another in a competition that everyone wins! They bring in food and money and set it on the side that corresponds with the Super bowl team they are rooting for. At the end, we count it all up and the following week, we announce the winning team. It encourages fans to use their enthusiasm for their teams to spur their excitement for our Souper Bowl. The tables are decorated with each team's colors and there are two soup pots - so there is a...

Forest Presbyterian Church FYRE Youth Group's 2013 Collection and Forest Presbyterian Church FYRE Youth Group

Posted: Feb 6th 2013

Broadacres Baptist Youth


We raised $259.41 for God's Helping Hands this year.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this worthwhile project.

Broadacres Baptist Youth Group and Broadacres Baptist Youth

Posted: Feb 6th 2013

First Congregational UCC

Our Mission

Our kids collected money for the past three weeks and also collected food items for our local food pantry. On Souper Bowl Sunday they helped us make soup and other items and we used s as our pot luck after service. The kids worked hard cooking and baking and helped serve and clean up. They all did a fantastic job and we can't wait to get our final numbers and announce what they did!

First Congregational UCC's 2013 Collection and First Congregational UCC

Posted: Feb 6th 2013