Jullian Duran

Making This Year Even Better

2014 will be the third year I participate in an event for the Souper Bowl of Caring, and I want to make it even better than years past. As the Chairman of the 2013-4 Mayor's Youth Council, it is my job to lead youth representatives from the Houston area. What better way to do so than to get the entire council to participate in one of our most important events all year? For that reason, I plan to get the council more motivated this year for our Souper Bowl of Caring event. We sell food bags at a local...

Posted: Dec 2nd 2013

Christine Huang

How I Am Helping Souper Bowl of Caring!

My main sphere of influence lies within my close family and friends. My personal road map in helping the Souper Bowl of Caring was first through the help of my close family and friends. Through those personal connections, I decided to first focus on convincing my parents' workplace to help the Souper Bowl of Caring. In order to get my parents' workplace involved, I simply asked my parents to spread the news of Souper Bowl of Caring to their colleagues, and I asked their colleagues to spread it to their...

Posted: Dec 1st 2013

Jessica Hajovsky

How I'm helping out!

I've talked to my principal about working on trying to get the pep rally with the Texans football player. As well as planning on talking the whole congregation at my church in order to get them more involved than the past years.

Posted: Dec 1st 2013

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Celebrating 30 yrs of chivalry, revelry and rivalry, Medieval Times Entertainment launched in Majorca, Spain, in 1973, and opened its first North American Castle in Kissimmee, Fla., in 1983.

Now regarded as North America's longest running and most popular dinner attraction, more than 50 million guests have experienced Medieval Times at Castles in Buena Park, Calif., Schaumburg, Ill., Hanover, Md., Lyndhurst, N.J., Myrtle Beach, S.C., Dallas, Atlanta, Orlando, Fla. and Toronto, Ont., Canada. ...

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Posted: Nov 13th 2013

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And by the time I ha

And by the time I had submitted the conmemt here, there were four responses over at Mental Health Forum, with another three while I was writing this. To join the discussion there, go to: [url=]dbkvxr/url [link=]pfmihknvxuq/link

Posted: Oct 28th 2013

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, "An "interchangeab

, "An "interchangeable doctor" is unbale to know the nuances and interpret the unspoken signs."I suggest that the only way you're going to have your doctor be available to you 24/7/365 is to hire your own exclusive physician. Even if a doctor could be continuously available, you might call when they are tied up for hours with another patient. So, you'll have to have one all to yourself. Now, if you keep your Michael-Jackson-like personal physician up for 2 or 3 night in a row, he/she won't remember all...

Posted: Oct 26th 2013

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TBTAM,You know that

TBTAM,You know that the direction will now turn to cold hard cash in the form of ptiaicipatron in Phase 4 trials. Trust me, it's the new trend. Gone are dinners, lunches, gifts, pens, etc. This may even eventually lead to the elimination of reps altogether. It will cut down costs so that they can spend on DTC (I can't wait for that dialogue) and phase 4 trials for expansion of indications.This new guideline is very impactful to how companies will interact with physicians in the future. The ball may...

Posted: Oct 26th 2013

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Vanessa thanks for

Vanessa thanks for your ctoemnms!Great insight re: REI/Moosejaw/Backcountry etc. I've read a lot about reviews and it seems that reviews of items that people have purchased will tend to go on the positive side, in large part because most people don't like to face up to or admit that they bought something that turned out not to be good. I'll have to find a link to that research The other thing about consumer reviews is that they are usually posted in the immediate afterglow of purchase, not months down...

Posted: Oct 26th 2013

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i would be happy to

i would be happy to pay for an independent reivew but then would the reivew be independent ..or coloured by the fact that i paid for it when i am developing products i quite happily have a few garments made that people can go off and test how do they get repaid ..well in most cases a free garment, secondly if they need something specifically made for them i can have it done or direct them to people who can make it Clients i work with ( normally i do not get paid and probably should do should you...

Posted: Oct 26th 2013

Service Honor Society

Bay shore schools Article

Bay Shore High School's Service Honor Society (SHS) recently participated in its annual "Souper Bowl of Caring", a fundraiser that collects money and food for those in need. Donations were delivered to the United Methodist Church of Bay Shore on East Main Street, for which Reverend Sungmu Lee, PhD expressed his gratitude. The Bay Shore Service Honor Society has participated in the Souper Bowl of Caring for the past five years. This year, the collection was led by Bay Shore High School Junior Matthew...

Service Honor Society's 2013 Collection and Service Honor Society

Posted: May 28th 2013

Wayman Chapel  AME YPD



Wayman Chapel AME YPD's 2013 Collection and Wayman Chapel AME YPD

Posted: May 11th 2013



When my daughter was 3 she came to me and said,"mom, I want to be important and I want to make a difference". As a mom what was I to do. My daughter raised me to have a heart to do volunteering. I found that it is an excellent way to meet people who are passionate about something that interests you. It allows you to network and in unemployment times it allows you to update your resume and you may find that next employer working side by side with you just because you care.

Victoria and m...

ITZ 4 KIDZ BY KIDZ's 2013 Collection and ITZ 4 KIDZ BY KIDZ

Posted: May 11th 2013

Thebes A.M.E.Church

Thebes AME Church Youth Department

The Youth Department of Thebes AME Church made a decision to help fight hunger and homelessness by bringing people together. We hosted the first ever at our church, Super Bowl Party. We sold armbands and served refreshments and invited our community to come out and watch the game at the church. We had a total of 26 young people help with the decorating, preparation of food, setting up televisions and selling armbands.

This was the first effort however we hope that it is only the beginnin...

Thebes A.M.E. Church's "Caring Collection" and Thebes A.M.E.Church

Posted: Mar 11th 2013

ACTS 20 Service Group

Grand total!

The Hope Church Mid-High Sunday School Class has exceeded their 1,000 can goal for their Souper Bowl of Caring Food drive. Through much effort and desire to serve their community, they were able to raise 2, 236 non perishable items to donate to Lakeshore CAP and Feed My People.

Hope Church Mid-High Sunday School Class's 2013 Collection and ACTS 20 Service Group

Posted: Mar 8th 2013

His Faithful Servants at St. Zachary Church

Over $1,000 collected this year again!

Our 2013 total is in for Souperbowl of Caring! We collected $1,038.21, comprised of mostly one-dollar bills! Isn't that amazing, how it adds up? It is being donated again to Catholic Charities, to restock their food pantry shelves so they can serve more people in need in the northwest suburbs, right here in our own neighborhoods. We pray that God will bless Catholic Charities in their work, bless the people whose lives they touch every day, and bless the hundreds who donated so that the hungry among...

His Faithful Servants' 2013 Collection and His Faithful Servants at St. Zachary Church

Posted: Mar 4th 2013

Laurie Piper(InterServ)

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Posted: Feb 28th 2013

Greater Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church


The Young People's Division (YPD) of Greater Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church put out a plea to the Church members to donate 'change' they find in their cars, pockets, ash trays, etc to our Souper Bowl that was set on a table in the vesibule beginning the first Sunday in January 2013. On Super Bowl Sunday, a special offering was lifted and persons added more change into the Souper Bowl. The Youth were blessed with a total of $168.65!!! This money was donated to CASA of West Central Louisiana. ...

Greater Bethel African American Episcopal Church's 2013 Collection and Greater Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church

Posted: Feb 27th 2013

St. Joseph Church WOW Group

WOW Souper Bowl of Caring 2013

We hosted a chili and soup cook-off for the second year in a row and had 13 entries for the contest. Each soup and chili was fun and festive for the occasion. Raising over $5,000, our Souper Bowl of Caring event turned out exceptionally well. There were 28 teens from the St. Joseph Church WOW Group eager to help out with serving soups, greeting guests, and cleaning up. From start to finish there was a great outcome and response for yet another fantastic Souper Bowl year.

St. Joseph Church WOW Group's 2013 Souper Bowl of Caring Chili & Soup Cook-Off & Tasting and St. Joseph Church WOW Group

Posted: Feb 26th 2013

First United Methodist Church

Rev. Sue Anne Morris

We gathered in the Fellowship Hall directly after Worship to dine on homemade soups and sandwiches. Donations were taken after Worship and during lunch. There were 35 in attendance for the lunch and the soup was delicious!

First United Methodist Church's 2013 Collection and First United Methodist Church

Posted: Feb 26th 2013

North United Methodist Church

Soup, Chili & Bread

Our group is small, but mighty. Three youth from our group along with two former members (now young adults), two future members, and three adults made 115 two cup containers of: sweet potato minestrone, chicken vegetable with and without tortellini, corn chowder, clam chowder, lentil barley stew, meat and bean chili, and vegetarian chili. In addition to all those soups, 30 stuffed breads were made, cookies, and brownies, and sandwiches. Church members were supportive with helping to provide some of...

North United Methodist Church's 2013 Collection and North United Methodist Church

Posted: Feb 25th 2013