Frequently Asked Questions


What is Souper Bowl of Caring?

Souper Bowl of Caring is a national movement of young people working to fight hunger and poverty in their own communities around the time of the Super Bowl football game. In the weeks leading up to or on Super Bowl Sunday, young people take up a collection (many use a soup pot), asking for one dollar or one item of food for people in need. They give 100% of their donation directly to the local hunger-relief charity of their choice.

What is the Service Blitz?

In addition to collecting donations of money and food items, many young people volunteer at their chosen charity on the Saturday before the Big Game. Souper Cities (cities that previously hosted or currently host, and Souper Bowl of Caring's founding city of Columbia, SC) hold city-wide Service Blitz events, treating young people and youth leaders to a motivational breakfast before sending them out into the community to... Read More

How do I register for Souper Bowl of Caring?

It's simple! Click here to register online.

Why do I need to register?

Registered participants receive a packet of FREE resources in the mail, including posters to promote your event, a soup pot sticker, guidelines for holding a successful collection and bulletins and flyers for your event. Your registration gives you a profile page which connects you and your team with each other and with participants of Souper Bowl of Caring in all 50 states. Registering also makes it easy to report your... Read More

What do I do after my Souper Bowl of Caring event?

1) Report your collection amount to Souper Bowl of Caring. Your total will be added to all of the other collections across the country so a national total can be reported to the media!
2) Donate 100% of your collection directly to the charity of your choice. Present the certificate that came with your free resource materials to your receiving charity.

Why do I need to report my totals?

Your collection, whether large or small, is important. One of the joys of participating in Souper Bowl of Caring is being part of the cumulative effort of thousands of organizations across the country working together to fight hunger and poverty. Our efforts added together are making a huge impact!

Where do I order Souper Bowl of Caring t-shirts and other materials?

We sell lots of different things at our online store. We accept both check and credit card payments. Please allow two weeks for delivery.

How do I plan an event with other groups in my community?

User our website to find other participating groups in your community! Souper Bowl of Caring's Service Blitz offers a great opportunity to pair with other organizations to make a difference in your community.

If 100% of the money raised is donated directly to charities in need, how is the Souper Bowl of Caring funded?

The generous support of individuals, families, corporations and churches keeps Souper Bowl of Caring going strong with a national staff that is small and efficient. We maximize every dollar donated to empower young people to collect $19,000 for hunger-relief in America. Read our Community Report to learn more.

Consider a donation to support our mission.

If I am unable to participate in Souper Bowl of Caring, how do I make a donation to support the efforts of youth across the country?

As a non-profit organization, the Souper Bowl of Caring is grateful for donations of every size. For donations by check or credit card, visit our donation page. Thank you for helping us empower young people to help people in need!

How much was raised last year?

Visit our stats page to see how much has been raised since the Souper Bowl of Caring began!

How does Souper Bowl of Caring come up with the national total?

Souper Bowl of Caring announces one total to the national media. That total is made up of the cash donations and non-perishables collected by each participating group. We count each non-perishable as one dollar.

How do I become a recipient of Souper Bowl of Caring collections?

Souper Bowl of Caring does not receive any of the donations collected by churches and schools across the country. Every participating group is responsible for researching and selecting a non-profit organization to which they will give their donations. However, in an effort to help the participating groups become aware of nonprofits interested in receiving donations, Souper Bowl of Caring has a charities database.
If you are a nonprofit organization interested in recei... Read More

How to Select a Charity to Receive your Souper Bowl of Caring Collection

One of the core values of Souper Bowl of Caring is that every dollar or food item collected during Souper Bowl of Caring should be donated directly to a charity selected by each participating group. Encouraging the young people in your group to decide where the money/food will go allows them to not only be involved in the collection, but also be responsible for putting those donations back to work in the community. Your group is responsible for delivering 100% of your Souper Bowl of Caring collection... Read More