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    March is National Nurtrition Month

    Posted Mar 27th 2:39pm by Melissa Daigneault
    Many hungry families do not know where they will get their next meal, let alone a nutritious one. Read more...
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    Serve your community in 2014

    Posted Jan 27th 11:17am by Jamie Clark
    Many of you are familiar with the core concept behind holding a Souper Bowl of Caring collection on Super Bowl Sunday. However many groups choose to take the extra step and volunteer their time on the Saturday before the Big Game as well, a day we've nicknamed the Service Blitz. It can prove to be a wonderful complement to your Sunday activities. Serving at a local charity can provide a firsthand account of exactly how your actions directly affect your community. Read more...
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    Souper Bowl of Caring Teams Up With Medieval Times

    Posted Jan 22nd 5:55pm by Melissa Daigneault
    Lords and ladies, Souper Bowl of Caring is pleased to announce its partnership with many Medieval Times castles throughout the land! Read more...
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    Be Prepared for Super Bowl Sunday

    Posted Jan 22nd 4:56pm by Melissa Daigneault
    With only a week and half left until the Denver Broncos take on the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl, we want to ensure you are prepared for your Souper Bowl of Caring drive! Read more...
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    Our National Offices Have Moved!

    Posted Oct 22nd 2013 7:09pm by Melissa Daigneault
    We are excited to tell you that we recently moved our national headquarters to Houston, TX, home of the Houston Texans and the largest Souper Bowl of Caring program in the country. Our mission and vision remains the same from when we first started this grassroots movement in 1990. We want to encourage youth across the country to lead the fight against hunger and poverty in their local communities, transforming the time around the Super Bowl into the nation's largest celebration of giving and serving. Read more...