Online Collections



Souper Bowl of Caring has partnered with YouGiveGoods, allowing everyone to extend their Collections and reach even more people. YouGiveGoods provides a simple and free way to hold Online Food Drives. Anyone can visit their Drive page and purchase food items which are delivered directly to the charity. Those that aren't able to attend your collection in person can still go online and purchase food items to be counted as part of the Collection.

Anyone can set up an Online Food Drive through the YouGiveGoods website. All food items collected through your Online Food Drive will be automatically added to your Souper Bowl of Caring Collection

Start a Drive

All drives held through YouGiveGoods during the Souper Bowl of Caring Season will count towards our annual total. You can hold one on your own, or hold it in addition to your group's physical Collection.

Find a Collection

While you can give from anywhere in the world, you can filter the list to find collections benefitting charities near you